MOXI with Professor Danielle Harlow and Ron Skinner
Photo of guests Ron Skinner and Professor Danielle Harlow

Ron Skinner, MOXI Research + Evaluation Specialist for MOXI, and Professor Danielle Harlow, UCSB Gevirtz School of Education. 

In this episode of Schooled Radio, we talk MOXI! The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation is a space that brings together science and play, encouraging inquiry and curiosity. We talked with MOXI Research + Evaluation Specialist Ron Skinner, and UCSB Professor Danielle Harlow on the role of "informal science learning" and opportunities to build on our innate human instinct to explore and make sense of the world around us. We also talk about ways that MOXI is adjusting during COVID and ideas for fostering exploration and innovation at home. 

Little bits of music included: Yo La Tengo, "Georgia vs. Yo La Tengo"; Laurie Anderson, "Let X=X"; Thomas Dolby, "She Blinded Me with Science"

NOTE: Between the time of our interview and KCSB broadcast, Santa Barbara County returned to Purple COVID status. MOXI The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation will be closed following public health protocols. Please check the MOXI website for updates and current policies to plan your visit.

This episode was first broadcast on KCSB FM 91.9 on November 17, 2020.