Educating Ranchers and More with White Buffalo Land Trust
White Buffalo Land Trust

Jesse Smith (top) and Ann Close of White Buffalo Land Trust

In this episode, Schooled Radio talks with White Buffalo Land Trust about how people learn how to use land.Jesse Smith, Director of Land Stewardship, and Ann Close, Director of Education and Research, joined us to talk about their work ranging from Santa Barbara Middle School outreach to sustainability seminars for ranchers.

Jesse Smith, Director of Land Stewardship, is guiding the development of our flagship farm as well as working with our team, contractors, and partners to grow the land under our management and the impact in our community. His passion and expertise in agricultural system design and community engagement are a cornerstone of our strategy to achieve a systemic paradigm shift towards a regenerative food economy and ecology.

Ann Close, Director of Education and Research, comes to the WBLT team with decades of experience developing programs in research, education and outreach for a wide variety of audiences. With a background in oceanography, a deep passion for the environment, and a fierce commitment to making science accessible to all, Ann looks forward to using scientific research to help better understand and quantify our practices and to creating engaging programs that will provide everyone the opportunity to become involved in our critical mission.

Bits of music you may notice: Yo La Tengo, "Georgia Vs. Yo La Tengo," Built to Spill, "Planting Seeds," Yung Wu, "Modern Farmer."

This episode first aired on 91.9 KCSB-FM on October 28, 2021.