School for Fishes? Students Mae Rennick and Phoebe Racine Talk Aquaculture

Phoebe Racine and Mae Rennick

In this episode, we wade into new waters with graduate students Mae Rennick and Phoebe Racine.

Mae Rennick is a second year PhD student at UCSB in the department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology. She is a member of the FRAY-lick (Froehlich) Lab where she studies the role of aquaculture—or marine farming— in developing sustainable long-term food security systems and initiatives, and more broadly how to make these systems more equitable and accessible. Through her work, Mae continues to prioritize the involvement of underrepresented identities in science through activism, outreach and her roles in education, first as a science instructor at the Ocean Institute, later as a Kindergarten teacher at Hollister Elementary School, and in her current position as a graduate student.

Phoebe Racine studies the social and spatial implications of aquaculture and fisheries markets. As a PhD Candidate at UCSB’s Bren School, her current projects include mapping seaweed aquaculture’s potential to mitigate nutrient pollution and surveying California consumers to understand diversity of seafood species consumption. Prior to UCSB, she worked at World Wildlife Fund to increase the uptake of aquaculture certification and transparency in seafood supply chains.

Bits of Music You May Notice: Yo La Tengo, "Georgia Vs. Yo La Tengo," Barry Black, "The Horrible Truth about Plankton," Luna, "Sideshow by the Seashore."

This episode was first broadcast on 91.9 KCSB-FM on March 17, 2022.